BioVital Inoculum COMPOST

2 Liters of Inoculum in Compost Tea Brewing Bag. $18.95 + Shipping ($5.75 for one bag)

Rich in Bio-Diversity!

Rich in Bio-Diversity!

This Inoculum is Ideal for making compost tea, inoculating compost pile, amending soil to increase crop production and healing degraded soils.

Whats with the cool bag?

This bag is made out of cotton for two reasons. 1) This compost is alive, and most of the beneficial micro-organisms in this compost are aerobic, meaning they need oxygen to live and thrive.  2)This bag is designed to be used as a “tea bag” for brewing compost tea! This bag contains the ideal amount of inoculum for brewing a batch (5-250 gallons) of compost tea.