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Bio-Vital ™ Inoculum Compost:

This higher grade  Inoculum Compost is made by hand on a small scale, and generally intended as an inoculant.

This gourmet specialty compost is ideal for:

  • starting a compost pile
  • improving an existing compost pile
  • brewing compost tea
  • application as normal compost

The Bio-Vital ™ Inoculum Compost, created by Paul Taylor (Trust Nature), uses a great diversity of materials and macro and micro-nutrients.  This diversity of materials in correct ratio is coupled with keen observation of temperature, moisture, and oxygen, to create a compost product that specifically selects for a large diversity of beneficial micro-organisms.  These beneficial micro-organisms (like bacteria and mycelium) repair soil structure and form beneficial relationships with plants to make them healthy.  Healthy soil that is rich in beneficial micro-organisms, nutrients, and minerals, creates a high-quality plant product and allows growers to get larger and higher quality yield out of a single acre or plant, with significantly less input costs than conventional chemical methods.    This compost can be of course used as normal compost, just of “gourmet” quality and price.  Otherwise it is generally intended as an “inoculant” for creating compost piles, and for making compost tea, so a small amount can be utilized to its fullest. Six liters (1.5 Gallons) of this product, when brewed into Actively Aerated Compost Tea (AACT), is enough to inoculate 500 acres of land! 

compost tea under microscope, fungal hyphae

compost tea under microscope, fungal hyphae

Actively Aerated Compost Tea (AACT)

AACT is created by aerating high-quality compost combined with microbial foods in clean water for a length of time. This process grows the hundreds of thousands beneficial micro-organisms in a morsel of compost into hundreds of trillions.  AACT inoculates the soil with life and, if sprayed onto plants, will coat leaves and fruit with pro-biotics which help disease and pest resistance.

Compost Tea on tap pricing:

$8.95 per gallon          1+ gallons
$7.95 per gallon          20+ gallons
$5.95 per gallon          50+ gallons

*Dilute: 1 part AACT to 4 parts water*
We also offer direct application of AACT. Please see our Services  page for details.




Living Soils Bio-Vital ™ Compost

Our bulk compost offering is rich and complex and will be available at a competitive price Spring 2016.   The distinction from other composts on the market is that this will be real living compost, with a diversity of organisms. We create large “wind rows” of compostable materials in right ratio, mixed with sifted “fill dirt” and inoculated with the AACT, brewed from Bio-Vital ™ Inoculum Compost.  This product will also be available in “breathable” packaging so it will stay beneficial and not go anaerobic and putrid. Did you know that most commercial soils and composts are sterilized to prevent them from going anaerobic?!?! Not our products. We believe in Living Soils!

Living Soils Potting Mix

This soil mix is distinguished in that it is made with high-quality, living compost.  We mix a precise ratio of compost, sand, minerals, and perlite (or comparable absorbent product), to create an adaptable and high-quality potting mix.  Most potting mixes on the market are hydro-phobic and sterile, which is why we strive to provide a living soil that has good water retention and biological vitality. We will also package this product in breathable packaging to keep it aerobic (oxygen thriving) and healthy.