Bring your soil to life!

What is Soil?

Soil is not just dirt,it is the foundation for all plant and animal life on land.  Healthy living soil is a complex ecosystem, filled with an abundance of bio-diversity.  The “beneficial soil micro-organisms” like beneficial bacteria and fungi provide nutrients, minerals, disease resistance, information, water, and more to plants.  These organisms break down raw organic material and feed the appropriate amounts of nutrients to the appropriate plants.  When beneficial micro-organisms are present, plants form synergistic relationships with them which help the plant grow and fight of pests.

Conventional agriculture uses synthetic salt based fertilizers that force feed plants nutrients in a way that can be very unhealthy and lead to disease.  Also chemical herbicides kill soil life, making the plants and farmers dependent on the chemical companies.  This industry relies on continual re-application of these chemicals, continued high input costs.  Where as cultivating real healthy soil requires some input costs at first, but creates sustainable fertility that continues to grow.  By switching from chemical based agriculture to living soil based agriculture, farmers decrease input costs dramatically while increasing yields. 

At Soil Life LLC we aim to provide you with the highest gourmet quality biological solutions for optimizing plant and soil fertility.  We are constantly researching and developing new sustainable organic methods of growing quality plants and healing degraded lands.  Soil Life’s founder, Nels Wedin, studies microbiology at Southern Oregon University. He also learned how to make Actively Aerated Compost Tea, BioVital Inoculum Compost, Biofertilizer, and other soil amendments from Paul Taylor at the Permaculture Research Institute Australia.

Whether you are a commercial grower, a home gardener, a grassroots bioremediator or just someone who wants a healthy green lawn.  Soil Life LLC provides you with the products, and information you need to bring your soil to life!

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